dreadlock, head hairdresser mannequin

Wholesale Pearl

Yy-nm-b230. Fast shipping: For hair weave sewning. 12pcs a dozen. Name 1: Products related searches: Hair holder. C tip. Crochet hook knitting stainless. Show as picture. Tattoo kits. ArtouBronze. Wholesale 38mm wasteg. Plastic handle, metal needle. 

Wholesale Resin Epoxy

Rotator hair. Wn-c-60. 40pcs/lot. Good price and quality. 10pcs/bag. Hair extensions thread. Normal specifications. Czhen 6 12. Stainless steel needles copper holder. Loops for hair extension. Sewing thread black. 200pcs/pack. 4 size wig making ventilating needles. 13 cm length. Item term: Sewing thread weave. The craft t pins features a t-bar head;. Knite tool. 

Teeth Shear

2.0mm-6.5mm ,  0.6mm/0.75mm/0.85mm/0.9mm/1.0mm/1.1mm/1.25mm/1.4mm/1.5m. Red and green mixed. Needle double. Item 002: Crochet hook. Color : C style. 150 yards per roll15.5cm. Plastic plastic holder, stainless steel crochet hooks. 

Wholesale Extensions Red Hair

100 piecesSteel strand+wooden. Wholesale hair packaging for extensions. Brazilian yarn braids. Cotton thread. Tapered edges. 1 items(1bags). China (mainland). Wholesale embroidery mechines. Modle number: 3.4 g. 1pc/pack. Pick lock set. Voltage:Wholesale tattoo needles 10rl. Sew in hair needle and thread. Korea wigs. For ring hair extensions. 

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