Angle izer Protractor Angle Template Tool Ruler Articulating Arms 180C 25cm Gauge

outside digital calipers, guitar tools repair

Vernier Keyring

Metal processing. Size 2: 300mm stainless steel caliper. Digital meter angle. 2s9528. 7821-250. 1 x silver oxide battery 1.5v (not include). Wholesale caliper plastic. Mdc_3453. Standard: Bk-3036. Other. Shahe inclinometThickness gauge. -10~60degrees celsius. 39mm(1.5"). Scope of application: 

58'' Shaft

0-15mm/6". Chrome plated. For microblading. Wide measuring range, high accuracy and high resolution. ≤80%Wholesale angle circular. Digital tyre gauges. Gauge gauge. Wood box. Jg-h0y150. 0.10mm / 0.004''. Product accuracy: Magnetic base protractor. Working condition temperature : Steel. 

Stainlless Steel

Plastic+stainless steel. 137mm. Keychain. Measurement accuracy: 30040021. Carpentry protractor. Rubyliutools. Double scale  single scale. Measuring tools distanceDepth vernier caliper,mini brass vernier caliper. Jg0-150mm. Jg-k150mm. 

Stencils For Kids

Ht880. Mk-ddvc300(d). 405512724. Calliper. +-0.1mm. Stainless steel, hardened. Model no.: Calipers: 0-150mm,other. Tools for woodworker. Products size: 2s9308. Drill depth gauge. Ahead. Brand name: Wholesale metal furrings. Less than +/-0.2mm. Abs plastic. Inch/metric: Wc0483. 

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