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Earing Real Butterfly

Pearl chicken feathers. Mn1818. White tipped black stripped turkey feathers. Ombre feather. 48-50g/1pcs. Orange red dyed. Decorative lace 10cm. Slice. Wholesale ostrich herl feathers. Sunnys. Double-sided gold. 50 pieces/pkg. 28-30g. Wedding   all kinds of festive decoration. Wholesale rooster feathers. 14-17inches / 35-42cm. Black half bronze strung rooster schlappen feathers. 

Feather For Decoration

Marabous feather trim. Feathers name : The fall of 2016. Fruit green. Rose/hot pink. Feathers weight/size: Ostrich feather1244. Style1: Spray painting. Purple belly dance. Jumpsuits. Steady on/slow flashing/fast flashing/off. 10 yards per lot. 200pcs per lot. 65-70cm_green ostrich feather. 8-10inch/20-25cm. 

Crow Feathers

Blue peacock decor. 10pieces/color/lot. Nature rooster tail. 1-2"/3-5cm; 2-3 "/5-8 cm ; 3-4"/8-10cm. Venice mask decoration. 5/10pcs*2meter  select. Guangdong, china. Big rooster. Feathers trim size/height: Fct0219. Real fur: 

Ducks Gold

12-14inches 30-35cm long. Fd242. Pheasant quills. 70-75cm ostrich feathers. 10meters per lot. Natural cream rooster saddle feather strung. Tf002. Silver pheasant quill feathers. Rare bird feather. Cn;zhe. 

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