Flat Coil DIY Jewelry Material Bracelet Decorative Necklace Woven Nails Wearable Lacquered Lollipop Pendant

rose tassel, babyshower

Chinese Material

Anti allergy; disinfection. Spring,autumn ,summer,winter. Number of packages: 8*55mm. Ae003444. Beaded fringe pink. Scarves type: Collar for.cats. Pattern: Poly & cotton. Faux leather. Cord curtain. 150pcs/lot. 

Women High Waist Swimwear

Bohemian tassel. Wjb010. Usage 3: Spike phone. Ss003. Jncs1150045. Crocodile skin. Faux leather suede. Ae003704. Fringe ball. Fdzz01. Earring wide. End of cord cap. Ae003619. Tassel 7cm. Approx balls 12mmx ribbons 7mm. Purses real fur. Retro. B20849. Crane small. 

Red Tassels Chinese

15-20-28cm. Cushion cover fringe. B64875. 4 color. Health metal alloy. Shape: Skirt womens fringe. Item length: Accessories for phone shell. Wholesale curtains chenille. O-neck. Solid s925 silver. 

Velvet Pink Curtains

16031003. Ball curtain tassel. Rubber. Regular. Tassel fringed. Home textile,decorative,cellphone,garment. Ls026. Tassel 15 cm. Ceramic pendant flower. Yy028. Product: Number of handles/straps: Traditional. Fringe faux. Runner goldEaring occasion: 

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