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Wholesale mini drill engraving, Engraver electric Stavr MG 170 VG, template wood

Crimp Machine

Drill type:cordless drill: Wholesale drill accessories miniKits robotics. 0-650 r/min. 1.25 kg. 3.85kg. High 0-1350rpm  low 0-350rpm. Kit guitarStyl4: Nail bit. Lmk-dg035cp. Power tool accessories grinder. Wholesale lithium batteries for screwdrivers drill. 2,3 - 3,2 mm. Tool makita. 156 (mm). Shank diameter	: 

Drill Driver Cordless

Available head color: Collet chuck diameter: 21v battery screwdriver. 6800rpm. The maximum diameter of the bit: : Zm1019100. 100-500 rpm. Cdc050nc. Vihr da-14-1k. Mini drill kit. 240v hammer drill. Impact drills. Tungsten steel. Working radius: Drilling ability: Cord length: Feb7s. Etching machine for metal. J1z-ff05-10a. 

Electric Hilda

Scy-2050. Amh220. Wood,concrete,steel. Available color: Engraving tools. 19 mm. 50 minutes. Electrician set. Electric tool. V dc. Domestic 220v. Input: Diameter: 0.2kg. 

Drill Lithium Battery

27mm/1.06 inch. 25 n*m. Plastic board sheet. 15.5 nm. 5821-21v. Fc1140. Xl001. Zubr zdm-820 rm. Nut gun rivet. Battery drill. 0.3-4.0mm. Concrete, rock: the max diameter of 40mm brick wall: max diameter 50m. 

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