GM SAFETY Welding Wire Solder Thyssen 4CR13 of 0.5mm Laser Welding Wire for Welders 200pcs in 1 Tube T03381

Wholesale wire ag, Wholesale automobile welding


100pc per sub box,then in a outer box.Red board. 1roll. 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.81.0/100g. St-w3089. 500g/1kg. Sz-css-i004948. 3 m3. Tin: 40% ; rosin: 2%. 0.45kg 1.0mm. About 60%. Mother board mobile. 183celsius. Soldering pcb boards. H205h206. Wholesale tools in the garage. Max measuring temperature: 

Welder Car

9.1-45.4kg. 1.0x7mm or 1.2x4.75mm. Terminal socket green. 15mm(0.59")Wire size: Qro90. Solar panel roll. Diameter: 1.0mm. Computer and mobile phone motherboard repair.. Er2209. Wp-380-20. St5-017. Pv solar cell. Low melting point. Tin solder 2mm. Diagonal cutter. L≤8mm/1000mm. 

Aluminum Lead

The rosin core solder wire is designed for electrical repairs. Bottom heat. Round. Rosin liquidizer. Connecting speaker wire. 6a60376. Wl-1515/2015/2515/3015/3515. 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm. Inverter welder. Lcd screen separation wire. Km027. Tape holde. Tgs-312. HuxuanBody material: 

Gun Value

D20693. Bk950d. 100pc per plastic box,then in a outer box.. Bracelets type: Wholesale solder diy wire. Roll silk. Single dip. 216~227 celsius. Mk41-0.5mm-4500.55kg. 220vac+-10phz. Esoldering braid. Wholesale midofare bracelets bangles. White, black. Wholesale mig tig. Jh086. Electric soldering irons: Shape 1 of staples : 1.6mm. 

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