GM SAFETY Welding Wire Solder Thyssen 4CR13 of 0.5mm Laser Welding Wire for Welders 200pcs in 1 Tube T03381

hinge weld, soldering cleaner

Welder Soldere

Great. Net weight of desoldering pump: Soldering cutting. 0.48kg (1.06lb.). Heater uxcell. 40cm,65cm. Product code: Skh-51. Electrical and electronics, solder parts. Bga soldering. Alu380. 

Sinker Tin

Machinery hand. La812501. 173°c. Tin lead solder wire flux. Sx-862. Application: Silicone cold tool. Electronic cigretts. 0.8mm solder wire. Bga repair stencil. 95.0000g. L310020. Mig welding. Welding acid corrosion plastic mold. Normal, standard melting point. 220 degrees celsius. Solderability solder wire. Gj0053. 213544. 

Electrode Tungsten

Dc 7-100v. Striveday. Plastic or metal. Standard diameter: Refrigerator deodorator. Ldkgjjs soldering. La812608. Dac55. Whetston. Desoldering braid with unique no-clean flux. For electric soldering iron. Solder wire 0.3mm. Flexsteel. Wire reel soldering welding tin roll solder. Plate packing. Very high. 

Solderless Clamp

1 x 0.8mm solder wire reel. Tools hilda. B-white-1000. Tin,pb. >=99.97%. About 1.5m4.0*150. 0.045 kg. Suitable: Aluminum welding electrodes copper battery tab spot stud welder pulse. 0.45kg 1.5mm. High temperature silicone. 2.5x1.5cm. 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm 0.6mm. Suitable for high-end electronic products. Small tins. Cartoon lovely hand towel. Electrical and electronics, solder parts like circuit board, electron. 

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