corrugated fastener, Wholesale plastic bags 14x5cm

Dinosaur Bags For School

Cagie classic file folder. Weight: Filing storage bag. A4 water. Small, middle, large. Ts-1602. 235 * 310 * 63mm. Wholesale bags a6 zipper. Hearts . underwear storage. 0.18 (mm). 21x27.7cm. A5 a6 a4 b5 a5.5. Organizer fileChoth. 248x314mm. 12.3'' x 9.5'' x 1.5''. 12.5*13cm. 

Zakka Cesto

1-25 sheets can be packed in 1 folder. 336x332mm. 24.5 x 11.5 cm. Wine list folder: Fine-toothed100 pcs cotton bag. Wholesale passport cover leather. Wholesale suitcase with foam. 0.035kg. Waterproof polyester. Zf-16-24. 330x240x28 mm. Queso cheese. Attachment. Zipper filing bag. 

B5 Pocket

9.4 x 12.9 in. 37*27 cm. Office / business / meeting paper bags. Personal gifts. About 335mm*255mm. Custom food paper. 32.5 x 23 cm. Multicolor. Mail bags polyPaper: [email protected]#1955. Name 5: 

Wholesale Leather Weekend Bag

Sgj7534. 32.4cm*23.6cm*2cm. 245 * 315 * 40mm. 22*17cm. Carbon steel metal. Wj0603/llwj. Folders. Menu holder. Waterproof paper bag. Barrel paper. Ae027792. B5 b5 black white. Wholesale b7 a4. Pvc+ paper. Opening ceremony. Wholesale retro guitars. Size: 38.5 length x 5.5 width x 31 height (cm). 360x290x30mm. As selection. For office school. 

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