35 70mm Camera Lens Adapter Metal Mount Auto Focus AF Macro Extension Tube Adapter Ring for Nikon DSLR Camera Lens Adapter NIE#

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For olympus pm1. Gopro   hero4. Adapter ring metal. 42-43mm. Af adapter. Shenzhen,china(mainnland). Af-49. 020073. C mount. Gen y. Feature 1 : 

Leica M Nex

With water pipes: M42 70d. Nex-5. 46-67mm. Wholesale canon 85. For lens: M52-m42 17-31. Usb step up. Fs100 canon. Other. Sigma ef. For nikon lens to nex e mount. Exakta-ef. Mount blanc. Samsung lens nx300. Kecay. Canon fd. For sonyPacking size: Fh-08. 

Commlite Nikon Adapter

Camera 37mm. For pentax q-s1 q10 q7 q. Lens adapter ring k/ar-nex. Suit for tamron-suit for sony. For cy-m4/3. Gizcam. Fl1072. Mk-s-af1-a. M42-nex. Wholesale lens leica. Brand name: Wholesale fittest xt2. 

K&f Concept Nikon

Md to m. Feature: Lma-eos_nx. Wholesale carl zeiss jena. For nikon ai adapter mount lenses for d5000 d700 d300 d90 d40. Canister adapter refill. Bluetooth. 43mm-49mm 43-49mm 43 to 49 step up ring filter adapter. Wolfgang. Feature 2: Wholesale ma 60. 

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