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Model Accessories For Airplane

Drill multifunction. 740/745/750/755mm15 mm. 4pcs mxl-20t idle pulley. Htd 3m timing belt pitch length: Inner diameter of cylinder hole:Block nylon. 205t/206t/210t/211t/216t/220t/222t/224t/225t/235t/238t. K800y. Atv shocks. Xl pulley belt. Standard: Br6x8+25x30. 2pcs 3m-30t idle pulley. Set timing belt. 

Timing Belt Roll

3/4/5/6/6.35/7/8/10mm. 810/815/825/830/835/850/860/890/900/920-5m. 8.525mm. Big wheel : 3.41mm. Wholesale 325 mm. Timing belt 10mm. Wholesale r1.0. Mxl timing belt function: 8/10/12/13/16/20mm. 

Wholesale Pulley Motor Stepper

Feature2: Xb coupler. Spider shaft coupling. 5m belt c=350/355/360/365mm width 15/20/25mm closed belt. Htd 8m timing belt double sided teeth steel cord endless pu flex belt. Lead shaft coupling screw. 6.35mm shaft. 37.44mm and 37.40mm. 2 n.m. Belt 230j. Pinion gear shaft. 6.35x10 d25l30. 5meters t5 open timing belt width16mm. Strap 32 mm. 1.35mm. 

1 Meter Belt

Wholesale nfc. 5/6/6.35/8/10/12/15/16/17/20mm  inner bore diameter. Wholesale cnc pulley. Planks. Cnc screw m1.8. 2.5mm(0.098inch). Through boring slip ring. Flexible coupling d19l25. Universal joint rc. Can be customized. Toothed timing belt /synchronous belts. 4*6mm. Makita planer 1900b. Rib pitch: Gt2 open timing belt wide 6mm  1meter. 1202a. 2pcs 30teeth gt2 pulley bore 5/6.35/8mm + 3meters 2gt belt width 9mm. Wholesale quints jaws. 20 degree. 5x6 d19l25. 

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