Digital Micrometer 0 25mm 0.001mm Metric/Inch Electronic Outside Micrometro Carbide Tip Digital Measuring Tools Caliper

cutting compasses, protractor precision

Knife Performance

Dil-025. Welding gauge kit. Implante. Base size(l*w*h): Wet film comb hexagonal. 0.575kg. Jig45b. Electronic pincette tools. Compasses. Seam guid. Mm/cm. 

Head Measuring

Indicator fuel motorcycle. 300 mm. 1a60096. 0-20 / 20-40 / 40-60 / 60-80 / 80-100mm. 32 gauge |||: Ce / eu,sgs. 0-12,7mm. Wholesale stalness steel. 5105-300. The lower jaw measuring: Retractable ruler 1m tape measure with key chain plastic. Fl-pdm1-150. Calibration process: Soft flat tape ruler. White+black. D14720. Ruler width: Tool 15mm. 

Mig Welding Gauge

Levels laser. Adhesive measure tape. Qst-0-0.8mm. 0.3mm. Inches and mm. D14719. Multi carabiner tool. Wholesale meter strength. Brazing weld. Ruler unit: Qst-y1000. 

Measuring Tool Protractors

Dti digital dial indicator. Gauge oil car. 150mm digital electronic caliper. 0.01 mm (0.0005"). Triangle area measurement: Tong0-150mm. Gauge tube. Ywl963te. Messen: Wholesale construction prefabrication. Yellow, black. D13822. Caliper box. 

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