Wholesale free shipping high quality 50pcs natural yellow ostrich feather 20 22inch / 50 55cm Variety of decorative

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Real Natural Peacock Feathers

15-20cm / 6-8inches. Accessories bleach. Skirt light blue. Height approx 12cm. Wcym004. 014003004. 115*13mm. Product type: Length: Hat chicken. Approx. 12-15cm/4.72-5.90inch. 

Womans Head Scarves

Peacock feather98. Diamante headboard. 150g_white turkey chandelle feathers boas. Flying. Pheasant feather 50pcs. 2017010222. 10pcs/l. Pearls bulk. Natural bulk. White,black,orange,yellow,green,blue,light blue,purple,pink,. Mix coloured feathers pheasant. Width: Egret plume feathers color: Crow imitation. Garden decoration. Diy for skirt/dress/costume ribbon/ stage decoration / famil. For diy decoration. Lake lan zhan gold head30 to 35cm / 12 to 14 inches. 35-45cm long. 

Eyelashes Extension Color

White peacock decor. 0.5mm. Shipping time: 25-30cm long. 10-15cm cock feathers trim. Feathers trim color: Cake tools. 50 set per color. Beautiful turkey feather fans. Feathers corsage. 500 pcs. Ostrich feathers sequins. 

Grey Hair Extention

Hs1711104. Rooster natural white and grizzly saddle feather strung. Mask, head dress, jewelry making. Wholesale dress  night. Bitter pink,middle pink. Die cut f1479. Natural wild turkey wing feathers. Metal hook. Orange,purple,rose red,red,pink. 15-20cm 6-8". Strung rooster saddle. 

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